Jesus Loves You..

FeaturedJesus Loves You..

I am burning with indignation because of the fact that we have cheapened phrases that carry within them the very mysteries of life. Phrases like ‘God is good’ that have been inducted into mainstream theatrics and have been used so many times in the most cringe worthy of ways.

Just a few minutes ago, a very close friend of mine told me they are going through a very dark time. naturally i want to express affection and to relay to them that i am always there for him. But God also wanted me to stress above all else that Jesus loves him. The very phrase ‘ Jesus Loves you’, powerful and full of life changing truth as it is, has been cheapened. it felt impersonal to say that instead of saying ‘I love you.’ But the truth is, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is the answer. It was such a narcissistic thing to think that reassuring my friend of my love for him would do more than reassuring him of God’s love for him. HA!! But God, who humbles me and gives me a contrite heart, assured me, that as cliche as it may sound to the naked ear, those words ‘Jesus loves you’ carry the same power today they did a thousand years ago. i cannot offer him anything. we cannot offer the world anything of our own. But when we point them to Jesus, we have pointed them to the very solution of their probems


Bagaetsho, Jeso ke Morena!

Jesus is Lord!

God bless you .

Featuredsmile more

smile more

i hate being awake in the middle of the night, yet I am always evading sleep until it is well past my bedtime. I think too much during these hours about things that always turn out to be less complicated than what i make them out to be.

Do you know that thing that happens every time you see a picture you are in? You know ,where your eyes immediately locate yourself and judge your appearance? i do that way more than i care to admit. Usually if I am not pleased with the way i look i delete the photo or ask that it be deleted. sometimes I even forget what the moment was about and I just want the Photo deleted. We are basically walking filters. Our minds have been ‘facebooked’ so much that we try to only live out the highlight reels of our lives . Anything that may not look good to other people, we try to avoid, or delete.

Looking at most of my pictures, i realised that i never smile in my pictures. EVER!! i am so convinced that look better stone faced that i wear that look in every single one of my photos. I didn’t notice it until someone pointed it out. Actually, SOMEONES. That cannot possibly be healthy. So i have resolved to smile more in pictures. IN LIFE. Smiles are the ‘Red roses’ and ‘pink peonies’ of all facial expressions and mannerisms. They are beautiful, comforting, sexy, kind ,gentle and romantic! Wear one of those puppies like its your favourite pair of jeans! all the time. They are free and FREEING!!

P.S Our youth pastor spoke about rejection today. which is something i wrote about  about 2 or 3 months ago. It was beautiful. i shall write about it soon

Have a beautiful week. and remember to smile, always. I will keep you posted, pun intended!

Though He slay me…

FeaturedThough He slay me…

I have come to the realization that worship is not seasonal. Neither is it tied to what i am going through. God WILL be worshipped. He MUST be worshipped. So even when he takes, even when he withholds, even though he slay me, i will worship him.

God has been calling me to music me almost all my life. it wasn’t always convenient or easy for me. There have been times where i have doubted myself to the point of disobedience. i was wrong. But being the faithful and loving father that he is, he found a way to call me back and restored me. It almost scares me how faithful he is.

Now I am on this journey, this wonderful and incredibly unpredictable journey. I must admit, that i am not completely confident in my own abilities , But i do trust HIS. God knows what he is doing. He governs the entire universe and the heavens, I trust him to direct me. Trust in him. He is GOD.

Praise be to the LORD always.

have a beautiful week and rest of the month, and as usual, i will keep you posted, pun intended.


God opening doors for travel

” God is Faithful” is probably my favourite phrase. i have been saying this for a while. and i have seen the faithfulness of God in the most painful situations.  But i have also seen it with the smallest of things. my tiny big victories . He really is faithful

Last year , December i wrote down my prayers, hopes and aspirations . and one by one, God has been answering them. There is one i will not talk about just yet. One of them was for God to open opportunities to see more of Botswana and to travel in General. I went on a trip to Ghanzi and Maun recently. it was my first time in both places and i sat and watched God do the most amazing things. i will talk about that in another post. for now, here are a few low quality pictures 😀

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Easy Access

FeaturedEasy Access

We live in an era where everything is easily accessible. we have social media which allows us to interact with the people we look up to without having to do much to earn their attention. As a young person trying to swim against the current , I find myself extremely aware of this culture and its dangers. Because all we have ever had to do was ‘login’ to access people of higher positions, be it celebrities, authors, philosophers , musicians  etc.. we end up feeling entitled to that access. When I visited Justin Bieber’s social media a while ago, all the comments on his pictures were fans complaining that he does not notice them. We feel that simply by having a social media account we have gained the right to have access to these hardworking people we look up to and this is unhealthy.

I watched a TEDx video by DR Cal Newport and was immediately impressed by his way of thinking. He writes and speaks quite a lot on issues I am intentional about dealing with in my life. He spoke about social media and deep work and I wanted to pick his brain about these things. So what did this millennial do? I went to his website( i already knew he did not have a single social media account’ and clicked on the ‘contact’ link, and to my surprise ( or dismay rather), there was no easy way of contacting him directly. this is different from any other millennial author I have ever looked up to. This was the same thing with scooter Braun. founder of SB projects. I really look up to him and would love to be mentored by him but I realised he too, is not easily accessible

I immediately came to the realisation that access to successful people I look up to is not a right but a privilege. it is an opportunity that one must earn. I am not entitled to it. so in the end I resolved in my heart to earn the respect and attention of people I look up to by working hard and being immersed in  deep work.

so while you do the same, visit Dr Cal Newport’s website to gain great insights at :

God bless and as usual, i will keep you posted. Pun intended

slow days

Featuredslow days

i look forward to more days like these. days that only comprise of music and poetry.

when the pace is slow and everything feels old and worn but not dead

sweaters and shorts, cute oxymoron that just make sense

Days when i am not talking to anyone. Just listening to the sounds of pure emotion

i am immersed within sheets by myself

Loving myself and kissing my own hands

Days when i am deeply feeling and not dieting on my own emotions

i am fully here .



allow me start this post with a brief statement. i want to commit to proper writing in all my next posts. I will improve on my grammar. it really only bothers me, at the same time i do not want to redo previous posts.

Rejection seems to be a special dish in the life buffet. My fear of rejection is unhealthy considering the fact that rejection is a constant part of life. something about being rejected really knocks my self esteem. That is my weakness. i do not handle rejection well. this is the first post where i do not have it all figured out and it is unsettling. being rejected makes me question my worth in ways that are just downright sinful. i don’t know why, but that is just how i feel. Much like every other issue i have had to deal with, i have to be intentional about it. I hope by admitting this fear i can start my journey to overcoming or at ;east taming the beast.

until then, i will keep you posted. Pun intended

God bless

The fruit of Joy…

FeaturedThe fruit of Joy…

to be completely honest, until a few weeks ago, i didn’t understand how Joy could be fruit of the Spirit. i am currently in tears, looking back at my life, where would i be without the grace of God? i am incredibly grateful. i am overwhelmed by Joy and  faith that i am walking in God’s purpose for me. how beautiful it is to receive affirmations from  THE FATHER.

when i was really young, i was sexually abused by a relative. this completely shattered my self esteem. i was not the most beautiful girl, and the only way i knew how to cover my self image issues was to be loud, obnoxious and proud. This, i later discovered is something most people struggle with. when i was in high school, towards the end of high school, i went through  what was probably the hardest time of my life. life blindsided me with a life altering diagnosis. i was convinced it was the end of me. at the every same time i was dealing with my first heartbreak. i Lost my uncle in that same period, whom i could not mourn because honestly i could not cope. I was still reeling from the blows life was dealing me. in 2014 i became severely depressed and ended my very first healthy relationship with a man. i loved him, but i didn’t know how to love myself, let alone be loved by someone else. i was selfish, but in that time, i needed to. i was diagnosed with severe depression the next year after gathering courage to finally see a doctor. he said it would take 2 years to get better, with the help of medication. i had to drop out of some classes because i was failing to cope with school. so, here i was depressed, trying to process my second heart break. this time i was to blame for the heartbreak, i couldn’t even blame him. i was going through life and in that season i was forced to deal with everything i had ever been through. i had to take a hard look at myself in the mirror and stop covering the scars. it was time to break before God

Galatians 5 talks about Joy being a fruit of the Spirit. this means that Joy is evidence of the presence of the Spirit of God within you. i had to stop looking for any other reason to smile. God was not just enough, he was all i could cling on to. i had nothing else to hold on to. my grades were terrible, i didn’t really have friends . My best friend was in Zambia and my friend Shawn moved to Francistown i sucked at opening up to people. i took a break and gave everything to God. i had to stop trying to do his job for him. i could not rely on medicine and chemicals to get through life. He had promised me that his grace was enough for me. i needed God to show up for me.

I went to my home village, Bobonong in the north east of Botswana. i broke before God and there God taught me that HE is my joy. Only HIM. Joy is a gift. it doesn’t disappear when we are going through a tough time. Joy is deeper. because God is enough, he fulfils us. we should be aware of our heavenly treasure whether we have or have not. Joy is built by the knowledge of who God is. so when things happen, we don’t ask God why? we say thank you. and we ask God to give us joy. it is ours. we can claim joy for ourselves because Jesus promised us Joy when he promised us the Holy Spirit. be encouraged beloved. you are LOVED and NEVER FORSAKEN!

oh, yeah i have amazing friends now!! 😀

It is well…….

***Jumps on bed because nothing can steal her Joy***

FeaturedWith time, in Time

i am here, wondering how long i should take residence at this weird place between yesterday and forever. i have been here for a while, even pitched a tent held together by the ambiguity

i am painfully aware that i can move on, yet i don’t want to forget how it felt to hold you so close it felt like your heart was beating in my chest

i am afraid of success because of how it threatens the comfort of my childhood and terrified that perhaps my best days are behind me

i am excited for the future, yet comforted by the fact that i know every single detail about the past. something i can never say about tomorrow

forever is unpredictable, and beautiful and scary.  a sea of eternity staring at me, waiting to consume me.

i am here, right at the intersection, unable to decide.

i can feel everything within me has come to a halt, the climax , the gasp before flight or falling

every breath i am painfully aware of, and with every contraction of the chest if feels like my own body is taunting me, counting me down.

you see, yesterday is my old blanket, worn and useless, but comforting nonetheless. and forever is the new relationship, the first kiss, the new feeling, it promises to be good, but how do i know forever is being honest. is it a risk worth taking?

i wave a painful goodbye to my old self. the wait is over, i can’t take it anymore and every muscle in my body is ready for the jump

and with a huge breath, vulnerable and naked before time, i take the plunge into tomorrow

i am alive



for as long as i can remember i have always liked fashion.i have been drawing dresses since primary school. i was never the trendiest person because i always had my own very strange sense of style. in high school it got me teased quite a bit. It wasn’t even that i didn’t have the money to buy the cool clothes everyone had, i just didn’t care for it. i had my own idea of what looked good and my own interpretation of fashion. I met my best-friend in high school and she and i had a similar style. we both preferred to make clothes from scratch. well i drew clothes and she made them. She really is one of the most talented designers i have ever met.

After high school, when i was in college, people started appreciating my sense of style because all of a sudden it was ‘cool’ to be weird. people automatically thought i was a fashion head. i had the privilege to meet some people ,young people in the fashion world who were making moves, starting blogs and attending fashion week shows ….. it seemed quite natural that i would fit into that world. i got lots of compliments and it felt good for people to recognise me for something that came so naturally to me. but then i started feeling this pressure to always dress a certain way. i thought the natural next step would be to start a blog and i tried, several times. I also tried the social media cool kid thing, you know the flat-lays and the cool casual lunches and clothes. it all felt empty. its not just the fashion world, its the world and all its patterns. it all feels so… vain. what is the point of trying so hard to look good.

i feel quite disillusioned with the world. there has to be more to life than striving to make money and travel to take pictures for your Instagram. there has to be more. what am i missing? i want something bigger than just the best clothes, social media followers, money, first class travel, cars, houses and all of that. I don’t want to look back at my life in 50 years and realise that i worked hard and only I felt the impact of my work. i feel a call within me. i feel like we are being called to something bigger than ourselves and our ambitions. i am getting the sense that we will never be fulfilled if we focus that much on ourselves and what we want.i feel like i am too small a cause to spend my whole life on.

Jesus is calling us to himself, and in the process, calling us to each other, to the rest of the world, to give people hope. while we are sweating to get the latest car or piece of cloth, other people are DYING to feel hope, peace, love. Fashion almost feels sinful to me now. how one could spend thousands on a piece of cloth while some people barely have enough to cover their backs. There are souls to be reached, people to be fed, lives to save.

Don’t get me wrong, i am not saying we shouldn’t like nice clothes and look good. i am just saying , is it really worth it to waste our lives on things as temporary as those, when there is eternity awaiting us. when there is an eternity of anguish and death awaiting people who have not been reached by the gospel.The gospel, is not just the cause of the church, it is the cause of God.oh how wonderful it is to be part of God’s cause. to be part of something that will outlast you and everything you ever owned.It is the very reason Jesus died. he did not die in vain. let’s make sure the world knows that. it is our lives’ work to live lives that show this.

so, i am asking the church, asking the world, asking my family and friends:  Let’s live lives where the cause is bigger than us. let’s ask God to teach us when we have enough, when it is time to be content and to stop spending our lives on things that will be forgotten in a few decades.

cast away…..

Featuredcast away…..

everything i feel i feel deeply, that’s just the kind of person i am

right now i feel cast away, abandoned by promises made while we were intoxicated by emotion

i feel like the pen of a writer hit by writer’s block

i feel neglected

rejected and …… cast.. away

so pick up the writer’s pen and pen down my emotions..

my dismay at your lack of devotion

i feel caged in by your absence

You are not here and i feel it

Everything i feel, i feel deeply, that’s just the kind of person I’ve always been

and in nights like this when i am deeply feeling, i am comforted by my poetry

these words , will never neglect me.

Featuredbe real with me

okay, so, this post may or may not come off a little bit rant-ish, but that’s fine right?

i was at an event hosted by my christian guy friends earlier this year, it was quite a beautiful event because i got to be part of the worship team and i love doing that. this event was meant to be a platform for young Christian conversation. Now this term ‘young Christian’ makes me cringe these days because there seems to be more emphasis on the fact that we are young than on the fact that we are Christians. Anyways, topic for another day, or paragraph, we’ll see how the post turns out. so at this event there was a panel and we were allowed to engage in conversation and ask questions . a lot of the questions went like this, ‘ how do i find a Christian friend/mentor/ person to talk to that won’t shove the bible down my throat, because sometimes i just don’t want someone to give me bible verses, i want someone who can be real with me.’

Warning, the contents of this post may sting!

Dear church, what are we looking for? why are we constantly looking for solutions outside Christ that we can ‘clean up’ and claim as ‘christian’ or more accurately ‘non-secular’ ? we need to bring ourselves to a point where we are so aware of the power of the word of God and prayer that we are not constantly looking for something else to back it up. if you come to me with a problem, and you need advice, as a fellow christian, i will not pull advice from my head. it is my responsibility to give you Christ conscious advice. and it is your responsibility as a Christian to train your heart, spirit and soul to respond to prayer and the word of God. we really need more faith . a whooole lot more faith.

Now, i am aware of what James said about the works of faith in James 2:16 .  There needs to be a balance. we need to let God transform us so that we may know when there is a need for Prayer and something else. we need to be able to discern when God wants us to be answers to prayers. i pray the Holy Spirit may help us to discern when God wants to use us to solve people’s problems. But, i am sorry, i do not have advice for you that i cannot back with the word of God.

Sometimes, it is our responsibility to make our fellow Christians realise that what they need is faith. in this world where the enemy is trying to distract us with visible, tangible things, it is important for us to remind one another that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. we need to be alert and realise that though our problems are challenges may appear carnal, the weapons of our warfare are not!! so, dear sister,dear brother forgive me if it is a DR Phil solution you want, i cannot give it to you. and this is not to say i will not comfort you, or listen to you. this is to say at the end of the conversation, we will be on our knees, speaking in tongues and asking God for the strength to make it through.

okay, i should rest, i have a really hectic day that entails the very exciting task of typing my research methodology *sigh*  have a great week and remember, there is power in the name Yeshua! Jesus is Lord

Featured4 AM

As you can probably tell by the title of this post I am up at 4 am starting a blog post. I don’t know its direction yet. Lately I have been thinking a lot about my relationship with God, my ex-boyfriend, my best friend, my friends here, my purpose and my temperament.
I feel weirdly content at this particular moment though. Happily, about to chronicle my weakest moments with no shame nor reservation. Okay so firstly, My relationship with God.
I feel really strongly about my relationship with God. it is the most important relationship in my life and it feeds every other relationship in my life. For about six months in the first half of the year I felt like I was letting God down, not studying the Word like I should. I couldn’t bring myself to pray, not even for other people, which is one of my favourite things to do. I was at my worst basically. Which is pretty bad because I am a Sunday school teacher and I need to ensure I am ready, at any point, to answer any question or deal with any problem, using the word of God. Today things are pretty good. And I find myself looking back at that time, realising that I was letting regret and guilt keep me from being happy. You see, I used to suffer from a chronic inability to forgive myself. I’m pretty sure you can relate to this, because as it turns out, so do half my friends (Yes, I see you Tshego and Lerato *insert smirk emoji*) I remember a conversation I had with my friend Nicole, at her house, while staring myself square in the face in her mirror (I was doing my makeup, it’s nothing quite as deep as it sounded :D) she was basically telling me to take it easy on myself and let the regret and guilt go. And I realised that, as hard as it may be, and as much as we may want to wallow in the feeling of remorse, it serves us, and the people around us better to just ask for forgiveness and move on with our lives. Staying in a state of depression will not change anything, nor will it make anyone feel any better about anything. This applies to our relationship with God. Just because you are sorry you did something, does not mean you have to sit and cry about it for an entire century (allow the exaggeration, it’s for effect). What God wants from us is repentance, to simply ask for forgiveness, vowing to never make that same mistake again, and moving on.
I genuinely believe, letting go of regret is part of repentance. God doesn’t want us to remind him of our sins after he has forgiven us and blotted them away from us. He doesn’t want to still feel guilty about it after we have asked for forgiveness. He is constantly having to tell me to move on and forget about it because the human in me just wants to apologise a thousand times. Which, by the way, means absolutely nothing to him. He is not moved by our guilt, or our remorse. He is moved by a repentant heart. And like I said before, part of repentance, is knowing when to stop apologising for the same mistake. Probably the seventh time is when you need to stop, or if you’re like me, the 70th time: D.
I have typing cramps already from the little I have typed. Like you know when you’re reading a book and you have to keep changing your positions because for some weird reason your body doesn’t want to stay in the same reading position for an entire 3 hours *rolls eyes*? Yup, that’s what I’m going through right now, except I have only been typing for about 15 minutes and I’m on my bed, which means I basically have to crouch down to see my screen (tall people problems). Okay not to completely divert, but why do tall people (myself included) complain about the pains of their height, like we’ve been short before and we know it’s better than being tall? Like you don’t know what it’s like being short, stop complaining, short people have problems too. Even if it is easier for them to get up, or do sit ups, or touch their toes.
Let me practice what I preach, and move on with this post. In the past couple of months, especially during the time I was on Instagram (I don’t know why I even attempted to do that), I was thinking about (and stalking) my ex-boyfriend. That was part of the guilt I suffered from. I kinda sucked at being his girlfriend. I was pretty selfish. But then again, before you judge (too late?), I had to go through that. So anyways, I don’t want to detail our relationship because, that would be unfair on him. So yeah, that was one of the things I struggled with. We don’t talk anymore, which sucks because he is awesome to talk to. Having to deal with that and learning to accept my faults and move on with my life was pretty hard. Especially when you start seeing the person’s Instagram, and they look pretty happy and content without you. And he was the only reason I joined that darn social network anyway, I just wanted to keep in touch, and he wouldn’t talk to me, which is okay because he has a girlfriend, and that’s a noble thing to do. So yeah, anyways, I almost forgot about the entire reason I broke up with him, and the fact that, it needed to happen, because I was so caught up in guilt and regret. And in as much as I sucked at being in a relationship at the time, breaking up was the most unselfish thing I ever did. It was something that had to happen. And I almost allowed regret and guilt make me forget that it was important for him too, for us to have broken up.
Another weird thing that happened to me regarding this whole thing, is that I fell in love with his girlfriend. Like how weird is that? She is so cool guys. And she likes the outdoors and she paints and stuff. I almost followed her on Instagram, but that would have been weird. She really is the coolest person. And I am glad that he found someone that awesome. Because he definitely deserves that.
Okay, so bad grammar aside with that last paragraph, I find that I am back in my comfort zone of being alone. I just cannot think of being in a relationship right now. I really truly believe, that at the right time it will happen. But right now I feel like a relationship would be a distraction from what and who God is calling me to be. I am having such a great time discovering my purpose. And I have grown so much since my high school, woe is me, I am single days. I don’t know why I ever thought being single was bad. Like I am single now, and even talking to a guy feels like wasted time (of course I mean flirting). I am probably still guarded, because that’s who I will always be. But I really find that it is more important for me to be a great servant before I am a great girlfriend, fiancé or wife. I am excited about what’s happening in my life right now. I am terrified at the same time. I feel like James bond, living on the edge, living life on trusting God alone and simply choosing the joy of my salvation (which, Thank God, has been restored unto me).
So, please don’t let regret or guilt change you or cause you to do things you don’t need to do. God wants you to have Joy and peace of mind. Simply, repent and MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. And always remember that His grace, truly is sufficient for you. Have a great week and love one another  . I am going back to bed now. see ya later. And God bless you

(this is a repost from 2016)



i would like to tell you that i write socially conscious think pieces on a regular that will stimulate your humanity. but really I’m just here to express myself on the only somewhat social platform that doesn’t intimidate me.These are my thoughts and experiences and they are at the core of who I am. They have and continue to shape my perception on so many things . This is me. a Servant of Christ, a daughter to God and to my parents,  a girl, a woman, a human being, a friend, a sibling ,a musician, a worshipper, a psalmist,a creative , a soul and a spirit.

be gentle with me. I’m just trying to be the best I can be

Anyways, enough with that deep, heavy boring stuff. My name is Nnete. I’m 22 this and I’m in my final year of university. I’m one of those extremely sensitive people who is a weird blend of introvert and extrovert. Sometimes I’m a recluse and other times I’m a social butterfly, bringing people together. My biggest challenge has always been that I don’t fit in anywhere. I constantly find myself in a group of people who are supposedly like me, feeling unadjusted. I relate well with people, but I find it hard to connect with them and so i find myself constantly relating and never connecting and always feeling left out or misunderstood or misrepresented. and this is not one of those ‘ woe is me, no one understand’ pubescent point of views. I don’t mind it, I don’t sulk about it. its just a matter of fact thing. in this blog I just want to explore who i am, and what i am supposed to be doing and with whom I am meant to be doing it.

I am a Christian ( way to be even more unadjusted in this world) .That is not a religion for me, its my entire life. It’s not about what I can or cannot eat or wear or say, its about my views, my character, my behaviour, my life, my Saviour  and HIS devotion to his love for me. I live by that. I live on that and I live for that. Its in my speech , my aesthetic, my hair, my poetry and my music. Its not part of me, it IS me. I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. So if I’m to share my life here, it means I will also share the details of my relationship with God

Another thing is that I am an artist( as I’m sure you have picked up) I’m am just generally a creative. I’m a singer, a poet and a visual artist. this is not me bragging or trying to sound cool. i actually don’t know when it started being cool to be an artist, most of us are broke( I’m not though :D), weird and ….. unadjusted(yes, recurring)(yes i use a lot of sidebars). i will be exploring that a lot and will share about it.

I have a love/hate relationship with social media( I actually deleted my instagram recently). I like the platform aspect of it, but I don’t understand the social aspect of it. It just seems pretty vain and time consuming. its a lot of work if you ask me.i don’t know how normal it is for just anyone to be able to gain access to your life without having ever even met you. That, to me, is just weird. as an artist I am always looking for a platform, even when I don’t realise I am looking for one, I end up turning things into platforms. so naturally I have an affinity for things like instagram and  pinterest, but instagram is just waaay too social for me to handle.

oh, another thing before i start blogging away, is that I just embarked on a journey to change my lifestyle. It includes such things as skin regimes, exercise, meditation, prayer and chasing my dreams and purpose. I started it because I was sick and tired of being a lazy, lethargic, unfit and weak person. I am done with that life of being a  couch potato. I want to have the discipline to be in charge of my body. I want to be able to wake up in the wee hours of the morning and do something. my purpose wont live itself and my dreams wont chase themselves. feel free to join me

so, again, welcome to my humble a-blog(see what i did there) and feel free to write back ans share your life with me. I am Nnete, a psalmist (yes, like David) and this is my diary(yes i believe the Psalms are David’s journal).

P.S i reposted this. it was initially posted last year.